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Find Product/Market Fit 10X Faster

Tue, July 5, 9am PST

In this high-powered training, you’ll learn practical design hacks that reveal your best customers' hidden desires and relevant habits. Plus you'll get your own 10X Cheatsheet to help you put these powerful ideas to work. 

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VIP AMA with Hilmar Pétursson

Th, July 7, 9am PST

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson has worked at Eve Online maker CCP Games, Iceland’s biggest game studio, for 20 years, and he has been CEO since 2004. Eve Online is the longest continuously running massively multiplayer online game. In this session, we will talk to Hilmar about what he has learned running Eve Online. 

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Innovation Bootcamp Walkthrough & AMA

Fri, July 22, 9am PST

Our Innovation Bootcamp is a 5-day workshop that teaches you the end-to-end Game Thinking system for innovating smarter. Come to our Bootcamp AMA to learn how the Bootcamp works & get all your questions answered.

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Understand customer behavior with VALS

If you want to understand customer behavior, you need to know about VALS, a popular psychographic market segmentation tool developed at SRI. The VALS framework helps you understand what motivates different types of customer behavior, and design better products.


5 Design Tips from UX guru Jared Spool

Here are five Pearls of Wisdom from Jared Spool – the legendary UX guru who runs Leaders of Awesomeness, an online program training the next generation of UX leaders. If you’re building an innovative new product, game, or service, you'll want to hear Jared’s advice.

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